Saunas with Celsius Panels

Saune con Pannelli Celsius

Use of Celsius infrared panels for heat cabins (sauna without steam)

The new cabin with the Celsius designed system, allows to reach an internal temperature air lower than the radiating surfaces without exceeding 50 ° C but obtaining more benefits than a traditional sauna.

Celsius and Fahrenheit panels produce no electro-magnetic pollution (electrosmog).

The wavelength of the radiation is 8.5-11 µm, which allows its use by healthy or sick people.

A pool of biochemical medicine scientists and technicians have ascertained that Celsius electric radiant panels facilitate the overcoming of stress also through oxidized sweating with the absence of relative humidity (from “La luce che cura” by Fabio Marchesi, researcher member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences).

Biochemical tests on detoxification and modulation of immunity lead to the recommendation of regular use as part of the program for the fight against cancer, prevention, metaplasm and rehabilitation, as well as as an adjunct to cancer chemotherapy.

Use of Celsius infrared panels for heat cabins (sauna without steam)

Advantages of use

The thermal cabin can be used in case of a clinical homeothermics of the body. People with circulatory problems have a good chance of detoxifying through sweating without aggravating their body.

The Celsius heating panels, if used regularly, protect the onset of muscle tears during sports activities.

In addition, the thermal cabin made with Celsius heating panels does not cause any disturbance due to heat such as heart or respiratory pains.

In the traditional sauna, the high temperature and humidity create a painful sensation on the skin that requires periodic suspension of the session. After a stay in the infrared thermal cabin for 30 minutes, the body temperature reaches only 37.5 ° C, after 60 minutes it reaches 38 °C. The power of the radiation on the surface of the body in the thermal cabin (infrared sauna), regardless of the distance from the Celsius panel, is 0.010 / 0.015 W / cm2.

Further research is ongoing, for example in sports medicine.