The only long-wave infrared heater with
patented ultra-performance technology.
Pannelli per il riscaldamento ad infrarossi - Celsius Panel

The radiant panels Celsius and Fahrenheit, thanks to the unique and patented technology that emits long-wave infrared rays (between 8.5 and 11 µm), heat rooms and objects up to 12m away from the source, in a uniform and homogeneous way.

They control and keep the relative humidity constant, they do not burn oxygen, they are economical and ecological.

Respecting all European regulations, they are ideal for civil and industrial heating.

Ultra-performance long-wave infrared heating

Ultra-performance infrared heating

Pannelli per il riscaldamento ad infrarossi

Celsius and Fahrenheit emit infrared rays, that heat by radiation.
The infrared heats any surface (floor, walls, ceiling), body or object within 12 meters from the source.
By not stratifying the air, the temperatures inside the room remain constant from the floor to the ceiling.
The human body perceives constant heat resulting in a feeling of well-being. They remove condensation and the formation of mold, because the walls are warmer than the air in the room.

Traditional heating

Riscaldamento tradizionale

The heat pump, radiators, electric resistance panels, heating cable panels and carbon fiber panels are heating systems that work thanks to the convective motion, they heat the air and the percentage of infrared radiation is minimal.
The hot air tends to rise, creating a thermal difference between the floor and the ceiling.
The surfaces farthest from the heat source cool the air that tends to descend.
The human body perceives the movement of air and heat in an uneven way with a relative feeling of discomfort.


Vantaggi dei pannelli di riscaldamento ad infrarossi


· Absolute silence
· Zero electromagnetic emission
· Relative humidity is kept constant
· It avoids the circulation of air and the raising of dust

Vantaggi dei pannelli di riscaldamento ad infrarossi - Consumi


The Celsius and Fahrenheit infrared systems make it possible to achieve significant energy savings, averaging between 30% and 40%, and are guaranteed for 15 and 12 years respectively.

Furthermore, they do not require any periodic maintenance.

Vantaggi dei pannelli di riscaldamento ad infrarossi


Celsius and Fahrenheit are equipped with a dedicated and customized electronic control unit, which detects the temperature through a thermocouple and reduces the consumption of electricity as the set temperature is reached.

Vantaggi dei pannelli di riscaldamento ad infrarossi


The high aesthetic-functional standard of the panels allows to improve the psychophysical well-being of the whole family and to furnish the house with a minimalist touch of great elegance.

Vantaggi dei pannelli di riscaldamento ad infrarossi


Thanks to an innovative insulating material, all Celsius and Fahrenheit products guarantee a minimum protection IP 6X of the control unit and IP 68 of the panel (up to IP69K).

Vantaggi dei pannelli di riscaldamento ad infrarossi


· Zero emissions
· Less heat loss to the outside
· By using less energy, the overall CO2 equivalent production is reduced
· 100% recyclable
· Tax relief

Vantaggi dei pannelli di riscaldamento ad infrarossi


The Celsius and Fahrenheit panels are easy to transport and to assemble even without the need for specialized labor, it’s very easy to hang them up.

Vantaggi dei pannelli di riscaldamento ad infrarossi

Home automation

The Celsius control unit is compatible and can be controlled by any home automation system, remote control and telephone dialers.

Vantaggi dei pannelli di riscaldamento ad infrarossi

Tax benefits

· Tax deduction of 65% for building automation systems
· Tax deduction at 50% for renovations that involve energy savings
· Special prices for some types of customers

Celsius Products

Riscaldamento ad Infrarossi - Celsius

The flagship of the technology

Long wave infrared 8.5µm -11µm
Wi-Fi control unit
Irradiation distance: 12 m
Heated space: 72 m2
Energy efficiency: 3650 Kcal
15 year guarantee

Pannelli infrarossi Celsius - Il massimo della gamma e della tecnologia

Fahrenheit Products

Pannelli infrarossi Fahrenheit - Tecnologia infrarossi alla portata di tutti
Riscaldamento ad Infrarossi - Celsius

Infrared technology for everyone

Long wave infrared 8.5µm -11µm
Wi-Fi control unit
Irradiation distance: 6 m
Heated area: 50 m2
Energy efficiency: 2550 Kcal
15 year guarantee

New Wi-Fi control unit

Riscaldamento ad Infrarossi - Celsius
Riscaldamento ad Infrarossi - Celsius

Each panel is equipped on the side with a latest generation control unit with integrated Wi-Fi connection, dedicated smartphone application and a small thermostat for detecting the temperature in each room.
It will be possible to purchase an additional thermostat to install outside to monitor the trend of external temperatures.

Directly from your smartphone it will be possible:

  • Create and manage several “houses” with multiple panels
  • Manage the temperature of each room independently
  • Monitor the real temperature and humidity of each room
  • Program each panel by time slots and days of the week
  • Monitor the timely and historical consumption of each panel and of the entire “house” (for each hour, day, month and year)
  • Share the house management with all family members
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