Reasons why to choose infrared heating

Reasons why to choose infrared heating

Heating with infrared system

Infrared heating occurs through the irradiation of the bodies which then transmit heat to the surrounding environment.

The sun, for example, is the main infrared heating: it heats the streets, houses, and all the bodies exposed to its rays, and therefore humans also feel the sensation of heat when exposed to sunlight. If we try to go to a shady place, we will feel less heat than when we are exposed to the sun, but if we measure the air temperature it will be the same in the shade and in the sun.

This phenomenon occurs because the sun does not heat the air, but radiates and heats the objects which in turn transmit heat to the surroundings. The Celsius and Fahrenheit infrared heating systems work the same way.

To better understand the operation of infrared waves in heating a room, let’s see a brief comparison between the action of (traditional) convection heating systems and the infrared heating system one.

Convection heating systems

  1. Traditional heating system heats the air.
  2. Hot air tends to rise creating a thermal difference between the floor and the ceiling.
  3. The surfaces farthest from the heat source cool the air that tends to descend.
  4. The human body perceives the movement of air and heat in an uneven way with a relative feeling of discomfort.

Infrared heating Celsius and Fahrenheit

  1. Celsius and Fahrenheit emit infrared rays, which heat by radiation.
  2. The infrared of Celsius and Fahrenheit heats any surface (floor, walls, ceiling), body or object up to 12 meters from the source with an ultra-performance technology.
  3. By not stratifying the air, the temperatures inside the room remain constant from floor to ceiling.
  4. The human body perceives constant heat resulting in a feeling of well-being. They remove condensation and the formation of mold, because the walls are warmer than the air in the room.

The latest infrared technology with ultra-performance

The radiant wall-panels Celsius and Fahrenheit, thanks to the unique and patented ultra-performance technology that emits long-wave infrared rays (between 8.5 and 11 µm), heat rooms and objects uniformly and homogeneously. They control and keep the relative humidity constant, do not burn oxygen, are economical and ecological. They also comply with all European regulations and are ideal for civil and industrial heating.

The Celsius and Fahrenheit panels differ from other systems and between them above all thanks to their performance and, consequently, their price: the panels with Celsius brand are the most performing with an energy efficiency (measured in produced Kcals) about 8 times better compared to others infrared panels and about 30% more than the Fahrenheit line.

Celsius and Fahrenheit panels are successfully used as low consumption main electric heating in apartments, offices, hospitals, shops, therapy rooms, thermal cabins, greenhouses etc. They were also used for the equipment of expeditions to the Himalayas.

Reasons why to choose infrared heating

How the Celsius and Fahrenheit panels are made

The Celsius and Fahrenheit infrared radiant panels with ultra-performance technology have been carefully studied and protected by 43 patents. The panel is composed of two tempered crystals joined together with a vacuum, inside there is the technological system of production and control of infrared rays. The system inserted in the Celsius and Fahrenheit radiant panels is able to release, in extreme safety, infrared waves between 8.5 and 11 μm (long waves).
The low temperature infrared rays spread evenly throughout the environment, the panels’ radiation reaches and heats surfaces up to 12 meters from the source (Celsius). The ultra-performance infrared radiant Celsius panels heat 70% on the front and the remaining 30% on the back, where aluminum air heatsinks are placed, which also allow you to take advantage of the convective air motion, speeding up the heating of the air. Thanks to this technology we can exploit the heat at 100%.

Each electric radiant panel is equipped with an electronic control unit that allows easy and effective programming of use.

The technical vacuum assembly allows a very high degree of protection both electrical and mechanical (IP68). Each heating panel undergoes a very rigid testing treatment that tests all the characteristics of the used materials.