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Mattress with infrared technology Celsius CP6/A

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Taking advantage of the technology used for electric heating with long-wave infrared, we have designed a mattress that can be used in various areas.

The Celsius mattress controls and maintains a constant relative humidity, does not burn oxygen and is low in energy consumption; it also complies with all European regulations.

It is made of self-extinguishing polymer treated and made completely watertight. It emits infrared waves between 8.5 and 11 μm, at low temperature (long waves). It is a patented system.

The polymer used for the mattress is available on request in customizable shapes, finishes and sizes, and is particularly suitable for situations that require particular thermal characteristics.


SKU Height Width Depth Weight
CP6/A 1500 mm 650 mm 15 mm 1 kg
Height 1500 mm
Width 650 mm
Depth 15 mm
Weight 1 kg
SKU Max. Cons. Material
CP6/A 200 Wh Polimero cl. 1
Max. Cons. 200 Wh
Material Polimero cl. 1

Possible applications

Until now, the mat has been used successfully for these applications:

Home use

The mattress is often placed under the mattress, in this way it removes the humidity that causes the increase of mites and fungi harmful to the body. Moreover, thanks to a sequential infrared system, it improves microcirculation and consequently helps sleep, reduces rheumatism and improves breathing.

Sports use (on request)

The mat is used in sports at higher temperatures and for less time, compared to home use, as a preparation for effort, thus preventing muscle injuries of athletes.

Therapeutic / medical use (on request)

The mattress is made to measure in accordance with the treating doctor and according to his needs (specific wavelengths, powers, temperatures, specific programs).

Aesthetics (on request)

Mattress placed under the massage bed or on the floor; relaxes the musculature of the person facilitating the operator who performs the massage.

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (on request)

Where constant temperatures are required (for example for particular products that do not have to undergo thermal changes) it is possible to apply the mattress directly under the shelves.

Germination of plants (on request)

The mat has been tested with the cutting system, favoring the reproduction of even the most difficult plants (such as olive trees).

Gardens (on request)

Placed under the grass, it allows it to grow even when it is completely covered with snow; in fact, the temperature is kept constant under the mantle.

Animal heating (on request)

By applying the mattress under the rest area we can keep the animals warm (tests performed in a zoo).

Other uses

For other uses contact us.


Infrared heating

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