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Infrared radiant panel Celsius Panel CP1/F for infrared sauna

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The Celsius CP1/F sauna panel has a 2-year warranty.

Celsius CP1/F for infrared sauna is a radiant wall panel that heats the room used as a sauna evenly and homogeneously, eliminating humidity. With only 800 Wh it is possible to create a sauna of 8m3.

The CP1/F panel is equipped with a patented ultra-performance technology. The panel is composed of two tempered crystals joined together with a vacuum, inside there is the technological system of production and control of infrared rays. The system inserted in the Celsius CP1/F radiant panels is able to release, in extreme safety, infrared waves between 11 and 13 μm (long waves).

Celsius CP1/F is equipped with an electronic control unit that allows easy and effective programming of use.

With the Celsius CP1/F infrared sauna panel it is possible to create a dry sauna with low humidity that facilitates sweating with only 50 ° C, obtaining the same results as a Finnish sauna at over 90 ° C with 100% humidity. Furthermore, the sauna that can be obtained with the Celsius CP1/F panel has low energy consumption, which is about one tenth of the consumption of a traditional sauna.

The advantages compared to the Finnish sauna are: you breathe dry air, the water vapor does not enter the lungs (this allows it to be used even for prolonged times), it acts on the skin, facilitating the cleaning and renewal of cells, thus leaving it smooth and velvety.

It does not present any type of contraindication for people suffering from respiratory or heart problems.



The Celsius CP1/F infrared radiant panel is equipped with a patented ultra-performance technology and consumes 800 Wh. The maximum power is 4.5 Ah, limited by the processor installed to ensure a longer life of the device.

Electrical protection:
IP68 Panel, on request IP69K
IP6X Control unit
SKU Max Cons. Height Width Depth Weight
CP1/F 800 Wh 595 mm 595 mm 50 mm 14 kg
Max Cons. 800 Wh
Height 595 mm
Width 595 mm
Depth 50 mm
Weight 14 kg
Square meters of infrared sauna heated surfaces:
SKU m2 m3
Use of Celsius infrared panels for heat cabins (sauna without steam)

What must be considered when purchasing the Celsius CP1/F sauna panel?


the surface of the sauna


the degree of thermal insulation guaranteed by the room to be used as an infrared sauna.

To receive free advice on how to set up an infrared sauna with the Celsius CP1/F panel, contact us.

Celsius control unit

The control unit installed on the Celsius infrared panel is a computerized chronothermostat.

The control unit allows programming of 6 ignitions, 6 shutdowns with 6 different temperatures in 24 hours. The control unit also allows adjustable switching on and off for each day of the week, with adjustment of the maximum absorbed power.

Inside you will also find a contact for use in home automation.
The management of proportional absorption is designed to optimize consumption by reducing it to a minimum without waste and absorption peaks.

Customize your Celsius

The crystal of the Celsius radiant panel can be customized with the photo, color or graphic of your choice. Thanks to its minimal design it will become the most suitable heating for your decor.

If you want to customize your panel contact us.

4 standard colors
Customization with images or Ral colors with additional costs on request

Warranty and Control Unit
Warranty included in the price: 2 years


Black, White, Red, Blue


Infrared sauna



Control Unit

Traditional control unit, Wi-Fi control unit


2 year basic warranty

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