All radiant Celsius are 5 years guaranteed, with the possibility of extension up to 10 years (5 + 5).

What precautions should be taken during the selection of infrared radiant panels?

For choosing the best panel you must consider:

  • the surface of the room to be heated;
  • the degree of heat insulation guaranteed by room (installation in environments below class C decreases the actual m2 heated by infrared radiant panels – consult the scheme of energy classes);
  • the destination of use of the room;
  • any subjective needs that require different temperatures (higher) than those averages.

Product File:

Celsius Panel CP1/L vertical towel warmer is a wall heater that heats evenly and homogeneous environments and objects.
Celsius controls and maintains the relative humidity does not burn oxygen, is economical and environmentally friendly and meets all European standards. Ideal for domestic and industrial heating.
It is composed of two hardened glasses joined together, with a thin film made of noble materials, appropriately shaped, assembled and fed. The thin-film in radiant plates Celsius manages to give off, in utmost safety, infrared waves to 8.5 ?m wavelength, frequency, C.
Celsius is our patented system: low temperature infrared spreads over the entire surface. The infrared radiant panel heat both sides, front and back (on the rear are located the air aluminium heatsinks which make it possible to exploit the convective motion). Thanks to our technology we can use heat to 100%.
Each radiant electric panel is equipped with an electronic control unit that allows for easy and efficient programming using.


The infrared radiant panel consumes max 550w and is suitable for heating a volume as shown in the table below; taking into account that its consumption to maintain a temperature of 20/21° its consumption will be approximately 50% of maximum power, thanks to the controller with zoned absorption.


Model Power Height Width Depth Weight
CP1/L 550W 1150 mm 360 mm 50 mm 18 kg


Square feet heated surfaces:

Model Class A Class B Class C Class D
m2 m3 m2 m3 m2 m3 m2 m3
CP1/L 65 176 32 86 21 57 14 38

Electrical protection
Panel IP68 – Controller IP54

4 standard colors, personalization directly on glass with jpg images or colors RAL

Celsius CP1/L vertical: a refined design towel warmer warmer, but not only

The infrared towel warmer are among the novelties in the industry of heating through radiant panels.

The CE certification and degree of protection IP68 make the towel warmer warmers Celsius without any risk for the customer, and it might also be used in environments such as bathrooms.

Using some simple steps you can take advantage of the same product to radiate heat into the bathroom, to warm the clothes hanging on it and also to dehumidify and sanitize the environment: multiple uses that expand the already extensive capabilities of infrared radiant panel, making it an invaluable complement of furniture , easy-to-clean and totally made in Italy.

Small hooks and hangers, products from our trusted retailers, are provided on request to turn your electric towel warmer into a real towel warmer.


The control unit installed on the Celsius is a latest generation programmable thermostat but with its ease of use is understandable to all. The controller allows the programming of 6 starts, 6 off with 6 diversified temperatures in 24 hours. The controller also allows switching on and off in the days of the week with adjusting the maximum power consumption. Inside you will also find a contact for use in home automation. The proportional temperature management/ absorption has been studied to optimize consumption reducing them to a minimum without waste and absorption peaks.



You don’t need specialized personnel for mounting the panel; all you need to make two holes in the wall, hang it up and finally connect the panel to an electrical outlet.


We are convinced that consume less is the best way to protect the environment; the infrared Panel heater is good for the environment and the wallet.


Low noise and electromagnetic emissions almost none make Celsius heating system more efficient, beneficial and physiologically compatible with the human body.


We produce decorative radiators tended and with minimal design that easily adapts to any environment.
Personalizzazione pannello radiante infrarossi

Customize your Celsius

The glass of the radiant panel Celsius can be customized with photos, graphics or color you prefer; with its minimal design will turn into best suited furnishing accessory to your home decor.

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