Since 1999 the leader in infrared heating

Since 1999 Tesi Group Srl develops technology for domestic and industrial heating, exploiting alternative energy of infrared rays. After having gained extensive experience in the European market, the company circulates today in Italy the novelty of his radiant panels, by being as a leader in the field of alternative energy.

Celsius panel is the flagship product of Tesi Group Srl; It is a patented infrared heat, an electric towel warmer warmer made in different shapes and forms, customizable in color, which ensures energy saving and high aesthetic level.

Celsius and Farenheit panel are designed to combine functionality and thermal well being, and certainly are capable of revolutionizing the concept of home heating.

All Tesi Group Srl radiant panels are very quick to install and have no maintenance. The patent on the basis of our technology allows you to connect the panel to the electric socket and heating with low consumption, giving the feeling of being wrapped in a warm soothing.